WOW! At the end of April we will have been an organization helping moms for three years! Can you believe that? I was told NUMEROUS times that any nonprofit worth their weight will need to stick it out until year three to find funding, prove efficacy and know that they will make it! Well, we have done that! We are almost there!

YANA is looking to expand our services to help more moms! We want to partner with a local hospital so that we can start a NEW mommy support system where EVERY mom (regardless of their feeding choices, religious preferences or socioeconomic status) has the opportunity to be supported from the beginning of motherhood. This program will include an online community, gatherings for moms of babies within one month of age to each other and 3, 6, 9, 12 month postpartum phone call check-ins. This program will change Postpartum and make EVERY mom aware that they are not alone and that they can be the best mom ever, with the love and support of others. Send us good juju in this endeavor as we are still looking for the right fit!

THANK YOU for all of your support and well wishes. All of the support we have received over the past three years has been amazing and we couldn’t have done this without all of you! We are blessed to have you in our corner!

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