I am bursting with excitement over our new program!  It’s called Strong Mamas!  Healthy Babies!  and it is going to change lives!  YANA is partnering with Dr. Sonal Patel, who is a neonatal physician who runs her own company called NayaCare (www.nayacare.org) and we are going to gift a comprehensive medical/mental health program to at least 10 moms who give birth in the month of May (Mother’s Day and Mental Health Awareness Month)!  This program is going to be absolutely revolutionary and will change lives and communities.  Check out our website at https://yanam2m.org/strong-mamas-thriving-babies/.


Why are we doing this?  Why does this speak to me?  It speaks to me because I know what it’s like to be isolated from support and not have your “people” when you need them.  Have you ever had that feeling?  Of course you have…we have all lived through COVID!  Now, imagine you gave birth during COVID!  Imagine you are on your own with no other mommies who can support you.  Imagine that being a mom is all new and scary and all you really need is other moms going through the same thing at the same time to commiserate with.  We will give these moms that opportunity!  We will support them both medically and physically.  We will change lives and communities one group of moms new moms at a time!

We cannot wait to launch this program but first we need to do the fundraising!  Please consider donating to our cause by donating through the website or contacting me for further information.

We appreciate your support and cannot wait to help mammas!  Happy Spring!