Eight hours. “THEY” say in order to be productive and healthy and lose weight or keep all your hair, you are supposed to sleep for eight hours. Who are THEY kidding? Who are “THEY” anyway? Who says THEY know what’s best for me? Do they have 2.5 kids, 2 dogs, every worry in the world and hormones that are raging 24/7? Do THEY know what it’s like to stare at the ceiling and worry about everything from bills to being a good parent to marriage issues to wondering when you will ever get five minutes to yourself? Have THEY ever laid in bed wanting to sleep SO badly, with a body so exhausted it truly cannot function but a brain that just won’t stop? Have THEY ever laid there worrying about things like dying early and leaving their kids to be raised without you? Have THEY ever thought about all the things they wish they would have said when they were faced with someone who said something that was rude or disrespectful? Have THEY ever tried to sleep for eight hours but just couldn’t get past three?

Someday I hope to find out who “THEY” is and tell them to take their eight hours and shove them where the sun don’t shine! I’m a mom! We don’t get that luxury! Can you relate? Do you ever want to find THEM? Let’s find them together! You are a badass!

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