Strong Mamas! Thriving Babies!

Did you know 800,000 new mothers in the United States will experience mental health problems in pregnancy or postpartum?

Did you know the cost of untreated maternal mental health (MMH) is $32, 000 per mother-newborn?  That means $14.2 billion healthcare dollars nationally?

A 2017 report by Mathematica, that total societal cost of MMH in Colorado alone is $199 million!

Maternal health is essential to the well-being of communities and society.  Help us combat maternal health!

YANAM2M is teaming up with Dr. Sonal Patel, a board certified Pediatrician, from NayaCare, Newborn Specialty Clinic, a home health company specifically dedicated to elevating postpartum care.  NayaCare’s Roadmap to Postpartum Care recognizes that 4th trimester care needs to address the health and wellness needs of both mom and newborn, building a strong foundation for families.  Check out her website for more information about her beautiful program.

Our new program, Strong Mamas! Thriving Babies! focuses on supporting moms, newborns, and families.  Through this comprehensive program, a mom-newborn will receive complete newborn medical care, lactation support, maternal wellness, pelvic physical therapy, and maternal mental health all in the comfort of their home! Details below.  

Our focus will be to reach TEN mamas (or more with your help!) in the month of May.  May is not only Mental Health Awareness Month but it’s also Mother’s Day! 

Your donation is 100% tax-deductible and will directly fund the health and well-being of a mama-newborn, creating rippling positive effects on our community.

What our moms will receive: 

Medical Health: 1.) Two-1 hour home visits from a board-certified pediatrician, neonatologist, breastfeeding specialist 2.) One 30 minute individualized consultation from a pelvic physical therapist.  3.) All indicated lab draws (bilirubin, newborn screen) 4.) Unlimited texts, phone calls and support for one month.* Please refer to the website for further details. 5)Welcome bag with over $200 worth of essentials for moms and babies. 

Mental health: 1.) Daily online community through Slack with other participants 2.) Weekly online gatherings through Zoom  3.) One 30 minute phone call from a licensed professional counselor. 4.) Weekly mental health phone calls.


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If you would prefer to send a check through the mail, please make your tax-deductible check out to YANAM2M and mail it to 9331 Autumn Ash Ct. Highlands Ranch, CO 80126. 

If you would prefer to donate through Venmo, please contact Nikki directly at 303-229-3678.