WOW!  What a whirlwind that has been!  It all started with 2 tragedies that rocked me to my core.  After the first tragedy, I was shook up and sad.  I just couldn’t imagine how lost a mom must have been to do what she did.  The second happened and I decided that Highlands Ranch has a problem and it is time we did something about it.  Moms need help.  Moms need support.  Moms need to know that THEY ARE ENOUGH!

Feeling that you are enough is not easy.  There is always someone who is doing more than you or who is in better shape than you or who makes a better meal than you.  As a mom we compare ourselves to each other LIKE CRAZY and for what?  Does this help us be better people?  Does this help us be better moms?  The answer to this is NO.  It makes us crazy.  It drives us to do things we wouldn’t normally do.  We need to stop “keeping up with the Jones'” and realize that WE ARE ENOUGH!

This group is for every single mom to know that they DO belong and they DO have a place where they are enough.  Everyone is welcome.  If you got out of bed this morning and fed your kids, you did enough!  If you have 5 loads of laundry still to fold, it’s OK because you washed and dried them so you did 66% of the job!  YOU ARE ENOUGH!

I hope this endeavor called YANAM2M will help moms and let everyone see that no life is perfect and no family is perfect.  We all have insecurities and faults.  We all feel as though we are giving our kids reasons to go to therapy when they grow up…and that’s OK because we are enough!


Check out this awesome article from Scary Mommy about judging each other!

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