You Are Not Alone – Mom 2 Mom (YANAM2M) is a non-profit working to support moms of our community so that they will understand that they are not alone and they ARE enough.  Our organization is loosely based on the “AA” model where moms gather quarterly for mama nights for moms of all ages to come together.  You can find more about these HERE.  

Another great part of our program is that each mom has the opportunity to be matched with a support mom who can say “I’ve been there” and “you are not alone.”  This nonjudgmental relationship is really where the work is done for YANAM2M.  The support given by the support moms is always in the interest of the moms to empower them to take care of their own mental health and be 100% available for their kids and themselves.  Watching moms empower themselves and helping them see that they are enough and that they are not alone has been such a life-changing experience. 

Our organization is unique because we are creating a community of moms who support one another and make sure everyone knows that they are valued and not alone. We are effective in our mission because we are supportive of ALL moms and are not religion specific nor does it matter what ethnicity, race, or socioeconomic status they are.  All moms need support and living in a community where the expectations are extremely high makes it difficult to “fit in” and feel valued.  YANAM2M does that.

YANAM2M currently has a volunteer base of 50+ people who are all interested in supporting moms and making our community a better place.  We have social workers who volunteer their time and are available on a consultation basis.  

YANAM2M is NOT a mental health facility or organization.  We ARE a support group for moms so that we never have to bury another mom and/or child because a mom doesn’t feel that she is “enough.”

If this program is something you are interested in participating in or would like more information, please contact YANAM2M at or by calling or texting 303-229-3678.